Measuring the ROI of localization

There are numerous benefits of localization. But you still have to determine the impact of localization to your business to get the project approval from the various stakeholders. In this article, we’ll cover how to estimate and measure the...

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How to choose the right Translation Management System

Choosing the right translation management system (TMS) can be a challenge. There are various vendors — how do you know which one to pick? We wrote this guide to help you select the best translation management system option to...

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Translation Management System – What is it and how it works

NEW: How to choose the right Translation Management System Localizing your web and mobile app, games or other software comes with many benefits. Adding more languages increases the ability to reach a bigger audience, build trust and attract new...

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Localizing JavaScript apps with jQuery.i18n

Recently we have done an overview of the most popular internationalization libraries for JavaScript covering solutions like I18next, Globalize and others. In this article, however, we are going to focus on a single solution and talk about localizing JavaScript...

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Glossary of translation and localization terms

It doesn’t matter whether you are experienced in localization or not, some terms may still raise a question. We decided to make a glossary with the most common terms and acronyms related to localization and translation.

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Why localization matters for your business

So, you think your business is ready for international growth. The product looks great, the website is up and running. Beautiful visuals and witty copy in English that will grab everyone’s attention no matter which corner of the world...

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Spreadsheets for localization: One step forward, two steps back

Here’s a familiar scenario in the translation industry: a company wants to offer its products or services in many languages; a project team is assembled to support the localization project; translators accept the project’s terms and deadlines; developers extract...

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Agile localization: The complete guide

In the world of software development, localization used to be an afterthought. Product teams would focus on the design and development of the product. Only when the product is complete the need for localization arises. In today’s world, software...

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How to choose the right Language Service Provider (LSP) or Translation Agency (TA)

Here it is – your business, proudly built from scratch and on the verge of going global. Whether it’s an e-commerce store, an app, or software, you’re ready to set the course for international growth. But there’s just one...

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